British specialists growing in a global market

We are delighted to be partnering with Place UK to support them in the appointment of a new Finance Director.

Place UK are a British food company, based in Norfolk, providing solutions for retailers and manufactures across IQF and frozen Fruits, Pulses, Rice and Pasta. They are specialists in adding value to customers products, whether co-packing or providing bespoke innovation. 

Their products are unique, as they are ready-to-eat the moment they are in your hands, requiring no further processing or input from yourself. This is because each product is individually quick frozen (IQF), which means that they quickly freeze each piece of product. Ensuring that products such as pasta, rice and fruit keep their shape and colour, giving you the purest form possible unlike the commonly used method of block freezing. This creates a perfect free-flowing addition for your final product. 

Unlike other companies, they provide all of their services under one roof. As a manufacturer, retailer, and food service company with 60 years of experience, they can benefit all industries. They have something for every industry with their diverse range of offerings.

Their exceptional workforce, consisting of up to 630 individuals internationally recognised for their quality, reliability and flexibility, makes Place UK what it is today. They welcome seasonal workers and provide them with on-site accommodations, a canteen, gym, sporting facilities and a shop. 

All of Place UK's fruit is guaranteed to be of the highest quality and they achieve this by operating highly mechanised fruit farms, some of which are among the biggest in England. Fruit harvesting takes place at their church farm in Tunstead, which welcomes people from far and wide to help.