Sustainability & Innovation


Carbon management: Scopes 1 and 2 are complete and are under ongoing annual monitoring – by the end of the year this will move to monthly, with a report given to the Board.

For their solar energy generation projects, Place UK has installed three solar PV systems. At the moment, they have a larger 250KWh solar generator located on land and in their warehouses, as well as a smaller 30KWh solar generator on staff dormitories. This way, they are able to reduce CO2 emissions by 80 tonnes per year.

In order to reduce their carbon footprint even further and continue to use clean, green energy, Place UK are currently reviewing a 1000Kwh solar energy generation project, estimated to cost £1 million. This energy could account for up to 32% of the self-generated electricity needed for on-site operations, saving a further staggering 300 tonnes of CO2e.

They have also completed a reservoir project capable of holding 150.000m3, of which 50,000m3 have already been collected. Rainfall is collected by a newly constructed multi-span greenhouse, and drainage is collected by a 16 hectare leg-row polytunnel system.


Recycling has been an extremely significant goal, especially over the last few years and as such they have taken extra steps to ensure that they meet this goal. Some of the ways they have been doing this are through investing in cardboard and plastic balers. This has recycled approximately 450 tonnes that would have otherwise been sent to landfill. They have also introduced a brand-new waste scheme on the staff accommodation sites, which encourages further recycling.

Throughout the factories, they are using a variety of recyclable packaging and punnets. All of these things ensure that they are doing their part to create a greener future.


For Place UK, innovation is of the utmost importance. In collaboration with customers, they are committed to advancing innovation and finding the right solution for their needs - Making something that works effectively with their products and provides an original, differentiated experience. 

They succeed on their ability to be flexible, no matter the customer’s requirements, and work with them to find a bespoke solution that you can't be found anywhere else.